Shot Peening

J. Almen discovered SHOT PEENING while working at General Motors in the 1930's.

USP Ultrasonic Shot Peening Principle

Shot Peening is a process used to produce a beneficial compressive residual stress layer and modify mechanical properties of metals. Shot peening entails impacting a surface with high velocity shot (round metallic, glass or ceramic beads) with force sufficient to create plastic deformation: each bead functions as a tiny peening hammer.

Shot peening a surface spreads it plastically, causing changes in the mechanical properties of the surface. Shot peening is often called for in sensitive parts repairs to relieve tensile stresses built up in the grinding process and replace them with beneficial compressive stresses. Depending on the part geometry, part material, shot material, shot quality, shot intensity, shot coverage, shot peening can increase fatigue life from 0%-1000%.

Surface compressive stresses confer resistance to metal fatigue and to some forms of stress corrosion.

Conventional methods for propelling shot media include air blast systems and centrifugal blast wheels. Other methods include ultrasonic peening, wet peening, and laser peening (which does not use media).

EMPOWERING TECHNOLOGIES is mastering Ultrasonic Shot Peening technology which offers proven advantages.

Ultrasonic Shot Peening

Difference bewteen conventional shot peening and ultrasonic shot peeningUltrasonic Shot Peening technology allows the use of high quality media. Quality madia combined to the real-time control of parameters, ensures a repeatable and efficient treatment. Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) induces a low roughness and a better surface quality compared to the conventional shot peening. This has a direct influence on fatigue-life enhancement and prevent Stress Corrosion Cracking.

Download our dedicated brochure: Ultrasonic Shot Peening - For your part’s reliability improvement.


Inscreasing productivity and quality
Cost reductions
  • Improving fatigue life
  • Treatment of complex geometry parts
  • Process control and repeatability
  • Low roughness (see image above)
  • Shorter treatment cycle time
  • Reducing consumption of beads, energy and compressed air
  • Integration in the production line (lean manufacturing)
  • “In situ” treatment often possible without having to dismantle parts

Ultrasonic Shot Peening shorter treatment cycle time

Portable Shot Peening Solutions

Where conventional shot peening can't help...

Ultrasonic Shot Peening equipment
SONATS ultrasonic shot peening portable solutions provide an on site treatment without complete or partial dismantling. Our shot peening solutions will reduce drastically downtime and maintenance costs for you.

Specific features of our shot peening technology have been designed to guarantee that no ball could be lost before, during, and after the shot peening treatment.

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